Your Perfect Auction: A Seller’s Checklist

Putting items on auction on eBay has always been a convenient option to sell them, whether it is a big business that is selling brand new products or someone selling used stuff around the house. Auctioning items on eBay gives sellers the opportunity to reach buyers all over the world, and sellers always want their auctions to be perfect. Thus, below is a round of certain points eBay sellers should act upon when auctioning items on eBay, if they want their auctions to be perfect and start making sales.

A Checklist Of Crucial Points For The Perfect eBay Auctions

Do your research

The more you sell items that are in demand, the more perfect your auction will be. Look for the items you want to sell and examine other auctions in which they are being sold. Following several auctions for a couple of days will give you an idea of bid amounts, number of bids, and the final bid. You can then list your items and accept bids accordingly competitive bids.

Find the right Category for items

If you want more and more buyers to make their way over to your auction, then it is important that you list your items in the right category. For instance, collectibles should be listed in the Collectibles while toys should be listed in the Toys and Hobbies category. You can find the right categories for your items by searching for your items and taking a look at what categories similar items have been listed in.

Descriptions & Keywords are crucial

Describe the items you are auctioning using the relevant keywords. Future problems and potential returns can be avoided with honest and thorough descriptions. When selling second-hand, used items, any faults or flaws in the items should be specified, so there is no aggravation once an item has been sold after a winning bid. Specifying the faults or flaws of an item will not matter if the item is truly in demand.

Always post photos

Your auction will be more perfect and your items will sell even better if you post photos of the items you are selling. Instead of using photos from the Internet or stock photos, take photos of the actual items and post them. Actual photos of the items being sold will not raise any questions in minds of buyers or turn them off.

Sign up for PayPal

Your auction can be perfect if your buyers find the buying process easy. Plenty of buyers and sellers now prefer to carry out transactions via PayPal. The easier you make your auction for your buyer, the more perfect it will be. Additionally, you will not have to be concerned about bad checks and/or money orders. This method of payment will not only be safer for your buyers but also for you.

List items during peak buying periods

Your auction should be timed so that its ends during peak buying times. This way, by the time your auction comes to an end, it will get the biggest exposure. It should end during a time-frame in which there will be plenty of buyers placing bids on your items. Reportedly, setting auctions to end on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is the best, while you can also experiment with Saturday and Sunday.

Create an “About Me” Page

In order for your auction to be perfect and successful, it is critical that you have an ‘About Me’ page. This way, you will get the chance to inform your potential buyers more about you and the items you are auctioning. Even a free webpage will suffice, as long as it promotes you and your eBay auctions.

Feedback is crucial

Before bidding on an item that is being auctioned on eBay, buyers always look at the seller’s feedback ratings. Your chances of being successful and the chances of your auction being perfect can get ruined by a negative feedback rating. Always follow up with buyers whenever your auction ends with a successful bid. Make sure your buyers are happy with the item that purchased from you.

Reasonable postage costs

By being reasonable with your shipping costs you will encourage more buyers to bid on the items you have auctioned on eBay. Calculate the shipping costs beforehand and charge your buyers a reasonable amount. Charging them hefty shipping costs will make buyers think that you are trying to make a couple of extra dollars this way and will discourage them from bidding.

As long as you follow the tips above, your auctions will surely stand out from the rest, depending on the items you are auctioning, and you are sure to make plenty of sales.