Know About The Top Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Today is the age when most people wish to have never-ending days, because they have a lot to do in very little time. It feels like there is just not enough time to get everything done. Each and every person wants to be more productive in their activities and do not like to waste time. Time is limited and it seems like all the tasks just get piled up on top of one another. You wish you could clone yourself or hire someone to complete your to do list.

There are many ways to expand your efficiency and some of these tactics include writing to do lists, exercising and taking a break. Although most of these methods workout well, with the technology available today, developers have come up with apps that can help improve your productivity. As you have your tablets and smart phones with you at all times, you can make your experience more productive by checking out the apps to increase your productivity. An increased sense of productivity can make you feel more accomplished, organized, and in control.

Here are a few apps to keep you on track, help to get more done and make you more proficient throughout your day.

Go ToMeeting

Although you have to pay for this app, you should consider the ease it gives you in your work and productivity. This app can be used in all smart phones, and with it you can arrange for meetings and practically attend several meetings. You can also share your files, and screenshots, and everything you may need to make it a real meeting. It is just like working from the office, even when you are out somewhere. It is like shooting several birds with just a single app!

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Every busy working person would love to have someone to assist in easing up some of his work load, but he/she may need to spend money to hire one. This particular app does almost all the work that an assistant may do. The difference is, this assistant sits in your palm and can be controlled with the command of your taps. It takes notes, schedules appointments and meetings, searches contents or checks e-mails and messages to keep your social accounts up-to-date. You just have to command and this 24-hours-free assistant will do it. This is not magic, but technology!


Evernote is an app, which acts as your assistant, a planner, a calendar, a notepad or an organizer. It is everything you will need to keep things going on time. It is a whole lot of package that includes a different app for every purpose. This app also has a business version, which helps to run your business smoothly. Evernote is a must-have app for people who are on the lookout for a tension-free life and an increase in their productivity.


This app enables you to remotely access your Mac or PC. This helps when you work on a tablet from a coffee shop or other venue when your main computer is at home. Logmein connects over the Internet to a companion app that is running on your computer, and allows you to control that machine directly as if you are working on it. It is a free app, but you should buy a subscription to get access to a few extra features.


CloudOn is an app to save time and energy, and it also helps carry your work wherever you go. You just have to login and you can access the file you may need for your meeting. It is just that simple. This is a must as a backup of your work, and it also helps in easy sharing.

Zoho Invoice

This app is for freelance home workers, whose important task is to complete invoicing, at the end of the day. Although this app is actually about invoicing, it can also be used to track the time spent on different projects. Zoho Invoice is simple to use and is designed well, so that it stands out among its peers.


Most busy people lose track of their expenses and have no trace of money. Expensify helps you to document all the expense reports, including credit card automatic updates, bank transactions that occur using electronic means, etc. To keep track of cash exchanges, Expensify provides options with which you can take photos or scan images of receipts that you want to add to your monthly expense reports. This helps to check your expenses and be organized.

Loaded with proper apps, your smart phone can become a helpful tool to simplify tasks, and organize your work and personal life. These amazing apps will make your life easier and will also increase your productivity.