Earn money by writing content for the web

The Internet has provided good writers with a lot of opportunities for work. It seems to me to be one of the great ways of earning your living – with your pen from home.

But although we have swapped the pen for the keyboard, we cannot afford to drop the other writing traditions. You must be professional in everything you do.


1. Practice, practice, practice

I don’t care if you spell the word as practice or practise ;-)  The important thing is to do it every day. You will only get better by constantly working on your technique.


2. Have your own blog


One way to practice is to write a blog every day. This not only provides you with motivating practice,  it also acts as a sales page for people looking to employ you as a writer.


3.Find out about Keywords and SEO


Your customer will want to produce content that the search engines will like. This will probably involve finding and using good keywords. But the rules on this have changed quite a lot over time. Stay on top of this area and give your client good advice.


4. Look at Websites


Writing for the Web is different. You need to adopt a punchier style with short sentences and more impact.  Look at successful sites and get inspiration.


5. Know Your Audience


You write with readers in mind. Find out as much as you can about your reading public. Comments on blogs can be a useful source of information.


6. Self-Publish Your Work


You are far more likely to get work as a published author. These days, it is very simple to publish on Kindle. Why not start by writing a blog and then converting a collection of articles into a Kindle book?


7. Don’t Be Self-Critical


Most of us have a negative little voice in our head which is criticizing our work as we are writing it. You have got to stop listening to this voice. Remember that you are your own worst enemy. What counts is what your client or your reader thinks.


8. Specific, Not General


You cannot be all things to all people. Concentrate on one niche and establish your reputation in it.

You want to be the “automatic go to person” for one specialist area.


9. Learn Related Skills


If you know how to get a book ready to publish on Kindle (and that is not hard), you automatically become more attractive to potential clients. Find out what they think is a difficult to learn skill and offer that service.


10. Get Your Own Fanclub


If you write a good blog, you will gradually acquire fans. If you promote your blog, you will acquire the fans faster. All this helps establish your reputation as a writer.




Writing is a profession. You have to be professional in your approach to your writing work. The rewards can be tremendous, both in income and lifestyle. It is well worthwhile doing things properly.