Spamming Fools

For my sins, I moderate in certain forums. On the whole, i really enjoy the work. Most people are really appreciative. However, one category of person is not, the spammer.

For me, a forum spammer is anybody who comes to a forum with the intention of making money from it. Ten years ago, we all did it. We would make a post and include an affiliate link in it. I never once made a penny from such a link. We all posted the links but nobody clicked on them.

These days things tend to be a lot more subtle. The affiliate link might still be there but everything is done to stop the moderator spotting it. Lots of ‘shortened’ links and misleadingly phrased ones.

A common tactic these days is to send people off to a mock “review page”, often a video page, where you read nothing but wonderful comments about a product and the affiliate link is prominent. Not seen any of those? Then I’m doing my job 😉

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