Article Writing Tips: Marketing Your Business


Do you plan to populate your small business website with informative original articles for your target audience? Are you planning to engage in article distribution to online publishers to build links back to your website? If you are engaging in one or both of these tasks, it’s important to plan your articles first.

Readers desire logical articles that move logically from sentence to sentence, from point to point, from paragraph to paragraph. They want an interesting read that’s enjoyable as well. In addition, they want articles that reward the time they’ve invested in your piece.

Here are a few article writing tips for marketing your business:

Decide on the purpose of your article

Is the article to establish yourself as an expert in your field through conveying useful information objectively? Is the article promotional in tone, intended for your website and not for article directories or trade magazines (print and online)?

Concentrate on Developing Your Idea

Consider your audience, and develop your idea to suit that audience. Again, this depends on whether it’s a straight informational article for online or print publications or an article more blatantly promoting your products/services through your website, your blog, and such.

Do the Necessary Research

Perform the research necessary to get your point across to your readers. This may involve interviews, book research, online research, or practical use of a system, method, process, product, or service. Do the research you need to do so your article has that authoritative voice to it.

Come Up with a Working Title

Of course, you can change the title later on, but having a working title helps you focus your writing. You tend to adhere to the topic the title purports and this means less chance of meandering off topic.

Create an Outline

I know some writers disagree with this point; they just wing it, let their thoughts flow, and claim an outline hinders them. I don’t subscribe to that belief. An outline helps me focus my thoughts, as does the above-mentioned working title. An outline is a road map that guides you through the major points you wish to cover.

Remember the old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Without an outline, you risk ending up somewhere else (topic-wise) and not dealing with the original premise of your article.


Go to it; write that article according to your outline. Get the words down on real or cyber paper so you have something to hone to a finished piece. You can move step-by-step, confidently, to your desired conclusion. Take that first step and start writing.

Rewrite as Necessary

Writing is rewriting. Polish that article so it’s free of spelling errors, grammar errors, and so it clearly presents the information in an easy-to-read manner for your readers.

Writing an article is easier when you plan it out and take a systematic approach. Try the above tips and see where it takes you. You will develop an orderly approach to creating quality content that results in original articles ready for your target audience.

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