Here’s Your Small Business Blog Checklist


Your regularly updated small business blog (a form of copywriting for promoting your business) is a wonderful tool for keeping your target market informed. Quality content, in an engaging voice, helps you build a rapport with your readers – customers and potential customers.

Carefully plan your blog – its reason for being – and the goals you want it to achieve. Focus on its purpose and measure whether it’s delivering results.

Here’s your checklist for creating and maintaining a first-rate business blog:

Do you know your audience?

Have a clear picture of who you are directing your content to. Your small business blog is not a general interest blog targeted at everyone. It’s a specialty blog targeted to your niche market. You know who they are, so create content accordingly.

Have you planned your post?

Don’t wing it when composing your blog post. Sure, sometimes the words will just flow without much thought. However, most of the time you will need to plan (and maybe even outline) your piece before getting into the nitty-gritty of the writing. This will make for a clear, organized blog post that doesn’t stray off topic.

Are you providing useful content?

Don’t waste your readers’ time by giving them bland, mediocre content. People will regularly click their way to your blog if they know it offers current, useful information, that’s relevant to them. Research your topic carefully and offer new insight into your topic, and tie it in with what you as a small business operator offer.

Have you created a quality title?

Give thought to your opening salvo. Your title should spark interest in the reader. It should cause them to want to investigate your piece further. Create a headline that invites the reader to spend time with your blog post.

The title should make them believe that they will gain valuable information from reading your writing. Remember, people come to a blog to find new information, tips, advice, and solutions – especially when they visit a business blog.

Have you added photos?

Enliven your blog post with at least one photo. Make sure photos are appropriate to the subject of your post. Moreover, make sure photos are of high-quality, clear and vivid to add some punch to your piece.

Have you considered length?

Say precisely what you need to say and don’t stay at it ad infinitum. Don’t have a long-winded post that should really be broken up into two or three blog posts. Strive for a post in the 400 – 500 word range, give or take some.

Yes, you can have longer pieces if you so choose. Nonetheless, make the content engaging to encourage readers to continue to the end of the piece. Your aim is to give them precise and concise information presented in an easy-to-read way.

Readers will scan headlines, subheads and bullet points to retrieve the info they want – fast. You don’t want them clicking away from your site after scrolling and seeing there was still too much content to read?

Consider this above small checklist for making your small business blog a winner.

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