How to Get the Very Best From Your Employees


One of the best ways to make sure your get the most productivity out of your employees and managers is to hire the very best people you can find. Once you find those outstanding people, invest in them.

Most business owners would agree that the physical equipment in their business must be maintained. If they neglect this must do activity, it can get very expensive to repair that equipment. The successful companies and organizations recognize this and budget for this activity accordingly.

The same goes for the people in your organization. The fact of the matter is that they are much more valuable than your equipment. Clear communication is one of the key result areas that allows employees to successfully perform at their job. My recommendation is that you invest in your team is by taking the time to communicate with them more effectively.

Here are 7 things you can do to enhance your one-on-one communication process with them.

1. Stop finishing the other person’s sentences. Marshall Goldsmith reminds us that this approach does nothing to help your employees and managers think for themselves.

2. After a team member shares with you some great revelation they have discovered, don’t say “I knew that.” All that does it extinguish the flames of excitement for their learning process.

3. When others praise you, just say “Thank you”. Don’t deny or talk down or trade the compliment. By simply receiving the compliment, you give the person giving it, a chance to feel the power of giving something special.

4. Quit using the word “no”, instead, give people options. They may not be able to do something a certain way, but usually there are other possibilities that could be considered.

5. Stop using the word “but” or “however”, and start using the word “and”. When you do this, it prevents you from negating what the person is saying and allows them to be more open minded to what you suggest instead.

6. Don’t allow yourself to “multi task” when you are communicating with another person. Keep your eyes on that person and not your computer or the paperwork in front of you.

7. Quit trying to impress your subordinates with how smart you are. Just because you are the boss does not mean you are always right, nor does it mean you have all the answers.

By taking the time to communicate in a more focused and proactive fashion with your staff, you will be creating the kind of work environment that is destined to improve both the productivity of you and your team.

Employees and managers perform at their best when they feel good about who they are, what they are doing and who their doing it for. Let’s take a closer look at how this all works together.

Usually, when people feel good about who they are, their self esteem is high. They like themselves and they are friendlier to others, i.e. your customers and other staff. As a supervisor, manager or owner, your relationship with your people will have a direct impact on how they feel about themselves.

In one of my coaching sessions with a small business owner, I explained the importance of sincerely complimenting all of his staff and employees. It seems this individual had the habit of not paying sincere compliments to all of his team. Instead, he had the bad habit of making comments that embarrassed them.

One of the best ways to build your small business is to find the strengths in your employees and praise them on a regular basis. Whether they admit it or not, from time to time, everyone loves to receive sincere recognition. It doesn’t cost anything to give this, and yet, it can pay huge dividends in the form of productivity.

An easy way to pay a sincere compliment to others is through the use of the SES™ formula. Let’s take a look at what it is and how to use it.

The first S stands for the word “sincere”. Find something about the person that you can sincerely compliment. It could be something they did, something they own or a personal quality they possess.

The E stands for the word “evidence”. Give some solid evidence that would support what you are saying. It is hard for someone to deny a compliment when you are sincere and give some form of proof of what you are communicating.

The final S stands for the word “short”. Keep you compliment short. The reason for this is twofold; one it is easier to give and two, it is easier for the person to receive it. Most people are uncomfortable receiving a compliment and the easier you make for them to hear it, the better. Once you finish the compliment, move on to another topic or walk away.

An example of how to give a compliment might sound like this: “Mike, nice job on the project with the ABC company. I say that because you got it done ahead of schedule and under budget. Keep up the good work, I will see you tomorrow.”

One of the best ways to get the most out of your people is to put the most into them.

Your employees and managers are people with feelings and emotions. Giving them positive strokes for a job well done is like money in the bank

In summary when you properly communicate with your employees and properly pay sincere compliments, it can build employee loyalty and help you be the kind of leader you were meant to be.

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