Marketing Your Business: Promoting the Articles (and Other Content) You Write


Okay, you have that informative content written and submitted to an article directory, blog site or another web portal. Now you’re going to sit back and watch the traffic roll in to your website. Simple as that, right? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”; you still have work to do to promote your pieces so that you garner a wide audience for it.

Consider the following tips for promoting your business writing and reaping the benefits of your promotional work:

Get the Word Out Via Social Networking

The various social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, as well as others present opportunities to let others know you have a new article or other content published on the web. Use these sites to provide links to where your writing resides, whether on your website, blog, or in an online publication or article directory.

Utilize a Blog

Start your own blog and post your article on your blog, or link to wherever your article is from your blog. Just make sure, if you start a blog, to update it frequently with fresh content two to three times a week. A blog is only as good as the content posted on it, so having a blog will spur you on to keep writing those quality articles.


Do you have a newsletter? If you do, include a feature article in your newsletter. This keeps your readers up-to-date with relevant information that relates to you and the products and services you offer.

Don’t have a newsletter? You can start one and send it out monthly. Make sure the content of the newsletter speaks to your audience’s concerns. Make sure it isn’t a blatant sales pitch disguised as a newsletter. Make all of your newsletter content as informative and useful as the feature article you’re including within – or why would anyone take the time to read it?

Utilize the Social Networks of Family/Friends

The popularity of social networks affords you the opportunity to reach a broad network of people. You can develop your audience through leveraging the social networks of your family and friends. Asking them to link your article or blog via their social networks opens up new possibilities in terms of readership for you.

The Takeaway

Offer the ‘Goods’ Before Focusing on the Sales Process

Don’t let the ultra-competitive sales function get in the way of giving your prospects the ‘goods’ they need before making a buying decision. These ‘goods’ are the articles, blog posts, newsletters, brochures, data, statistics, case studies, testimonials, reports, peer reviews and more concerning the solutions you’re offering them to help them make smart buying decisions.

Upon being requested to provide further information, and also proof of the validity of your product and service claims, do you rush off a rehash of old information (articles, brochures, product pamphlets, ads, emails, etc.), hoping to expedite the sales process?

This is the wrong approach. Consistently present and promote fresh, relevant, timely information.

The writing of a quality article or other content directed at your niche market is just the beginning of your responsibilities. Your job as a small business operator (and marketer) is to offer prompt delivery of this useful information.

You want your writing to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, get to work on the promotional aspects as concerns your writing. With a little effort, you will build that audience you desire for your efforts.

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